Dr. Renne chairs Broward Transit Development Plan Advisory Committee

Broward County TransitJohn L. Renne, PhD, has joined the Broward County Transit (BCT), Transit Development Plan (TDP), Advisory Review Committee, serving as the Chair of the Committee.

The Broward County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) provides a public transportation program through Broward County Transit (BCT) that includes 35 fixed‐bus routes, 3 limited‐stop routes, 6 express routes, 42 community buses, and an advanced reservation paratransit service (called TOPS) within its service area. BCT improves the quality of life for Broward County residents and visitors by offering services in a cost‐efficient and readily‐accessible manner while delivering an intermodal means of travel. This study was initiated by Broward County to update BCT’s Transit Development Plan (TDP) for the 10‐ year period including Fiscal Years (FY) 2019–2028. This TDP represents BCT’s vision for public transportation in its service area during this time period and, at the same time, functions as the strategic guide for public transportation in the community. A major TDP update also allows transit agencies to outline actions to be taken in the following year and to set goals for subsequent years. As a strategic plan, the TDP will identify needs in an unconstrained fashion and for which currently there is no funding.