Urban Stories Festival

Urban Stories Festival

Storytelling to build community and inspiring the next generation of urban planners, the 3rd annual Urban Stories Festival will take place on January 22-26 in West Palm Beach. Four events over five days will provide opportunities for connecting and building community resilience. All events are free and open to the public, but please register.

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The URBAN STORIES FESTIVAL is a multi-day storytelling event celebrating West Palm Beach, Florida – what was, what is, what could be.

We’ll share experiences, celebrate diversity, and find common ground.

In harmony with these goals, the festival will also support literacy. 

Through stories in the form of: 

  • story circles
  • short stories
  • poetry / rap / spoken word
  • oral histories
  • speakers / workshops / panels
  • photography / other visual arts
  • music / dance / other performing arts
  • and also food

we hope to learn from each other and build a stronger community.

SAT, JAN 25 8:00 AM

SAT, JAN 25 10:00 AM

SUN, JAN 26 3:00 PM