WALKscope is a mobile tool that collects data related to sidewalks, intersections, and pedestrian counts in the Denver metro area. This information will help create an inventory of pedestrian infrastructure, identify gaps, and build the case for improvements.

Link: http://www.walkscope.org/

Author: WalkDenver and PlaceMatters

Category:  Demographics, Health, Infrastructure, Mobility, Transportation, Equity

Geographic Scope:  National

GIS Integration: Yes

Tool Outputs:  Maps, Graphs, Reports, Downloadable Data

Skill Level: Low-Medium

Data Level:

Data Permissions: Free resource available to the public for download or viewing online.

Last Updated: 2017

Walk Score

Walk Score measures walkability on a scale from 0 – 100 based on walking routes to destinations such as grocery stores, schools, parks, restaurants, and retail

Walk Score’s mission is to promote walkable neighborhoods.

Link: https://www.walkscore.com/


Author:  Walk Score

Category: Economy, Equity, Health, Infrastructure, Mobility, Transportation, Safety, Sustainability

Geographic Scope:  United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

GIS Integration: Yes

Tool Outputs: Walk Score Maps

Skill Level: Low-Medium

Data Level: Multiple

Data Permissions: Free resource available to the public for viewing online. Walk Score data can be requested and is available in a variety of formats including shapefiles, spreadsheets, and via APIs.

Last Updated: 2017

Social Explorer

Social Explorer includes the entire US Census (1790 to 2010) and the American Community Survey (2005 to 2015). Specialized U.S. data resources include the FBI Uniform Crime Report (2010 to 2015), American election results (1912 to 2016), Religious Congregations and Membership Study (1980 and 2010), Vulcan Project carbon emissions data (2002), US Business Patterns (2014), and County Health Rankings and Roadmaps Program data (2010 to 2016).

Link: https://www.socialexplorer.com/a9676d974c/explore

Author: Social Explorer

Category: Economy, Equity, Health, Safety, Environment, Education, Housing, Mobility, Transportation, Policy

Geographic Scope:  United States and Puerto Rico

GIS Integration: Yes

Tool Outputs: Maps, Swipe and Side by Side Comparisons, Table Reports

Skill Level: Low

Data Level: State, County, Census Tract, Census Block Group

Data Permissions: The Premium edition is updated regularly, as soon as data releases are made available from the Census Bureau and other relevant data sources.

Last Updated: 2017


PolicyMap offers easy-to-use online mapping with data on demographics, real estate, health, jobs and more in communities across the US. PolicyMap provides data for research, market studies, business planning, site selection, grant applications and impact analysis.

Link: https://www.policymap.com/maps

Author: PolicyMap

Category: Demographics, Economy, Education, Health, Equity, Mobility, Sustainability, Policy

Geographic Scope:  National

GIS Integration: Yes

Tool Outputs: Interactive Maps, Tables, Reports,  Compare data across locations

Skill Level: Medium

Data Level: Multiple

Data Permissions: Available for direct download

Last Updated: 2018

Envision Tomorrow

Envision Tomorrow (ET) is an open-access scenario planning package that allows users to analyze how their community’s current growth pattern and future decisions impacting growth will impact a range of measures from public health, fiscal resiliency and environmental sustainability. The suite of planning tools includes analysis tools and scenario design tools.  The analysis tools allow users to analyze aspects of their current community using commonly accessible GIS data, such as tax assessor parcel data and Census data. The scenario painting tool allows users to “paint” alternative future development scenarios on the landscape, and compare scenario outcomes in real time.

Link: http://envisiontomorrow.org/

Author: Fregonese Associates and Metropolitan Research Center (MRC)

Category: Health, Sustainability, Economy, Land Use

Geographic Scope:  National

GIS Integration: Yes

Tool Outputs: Scenarios

Skill Level: High

Data Permissions: Open source

Last Updated: 2017