Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper

The purpose of this mapping application is to provide a preliminary look at exposure to common types of coastal flooding. The viewer is a screening-level tool that uses nationally consistent data sets and analyses and should be used as such. Data and maps provided can be used at several scales to help gauge impacts and prioritize actions, but should be verified with a site visit.


Author: NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management

Category: Infrastructure,  Resiliency, Sustainability, Equity, Environment

Geographic Scope:  Coastal areas along Gulf of Mexico and East Coast

GIS Integration: Yes

Tool Outputs: Maps

Skill Level:  Low-Medium

Data Level: National to Neighborhood level

Data Permissions: The exact data sets used are available as map services to pull into ArcGIS online and for mashup with additional data sets. However, the specific data as one sees it are not available directly for download.

Last Updated: 2018

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