All Transit

The All Transit Performance Score is a comprehensive score that looks at connectivity, access to land area and jobs, frequency of service, and the percent of commuters who use transit to travel to work. It offers tremendous potential for planning applications to increase our understanding of the value of transit, as well as to enhance service and operations planning.


Author:  Center for Neighborhood Technology

Category: Land Use, Mobility, Transportation, Health, Jobs, Economy, Equity

Geographic Scope:  National

GIS Integration: Yes

Tool Outputs: Maps, Fact Sheets, Gap Finder, Compare Locations/Rankings, Urban Scenarios.

Skill Level: Low-Medium

Data Level: Census block groups and tracts; municipality; county;  metro regions; metropolitan planning organization boundaries; and local political boundaries.

Data Permissions: May be downloaded free of charge for all U.S. Census-defined places.

Last Updated: January 2018