Urban Displacement

Provides research aimed to understand and describe the nature of gentrification and displacement and generate knowledge on how policy interventions and investment can respond and support more equitable development.

Link: http://www.urbandisplacement.org

Author: UC Berkeley

Category:  Demographics, Development, Equity, Housing, Jobs, Land Use, Mobility, Policy, Transportation

Geographic Scope:  Regional

GIS Integration: No

Tool Outputs:  Datasets, Maps, Reports/Summaries

Skill Level: Low

Data Level: Census Tracts

Data Permissions: Data available for direct download

Last Updated: 2018

The Place Database

The Place Database is a data visualization tool of the United States which uses the PolicyMap platform. The tool allows users to view the latest available data for dozens of indicators—ranging from housing affordability to brownfield sites to federal government spending.

Link: https://placedatabase.policymap.com/

Author: The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and PolicyMap

Category:  Demographics, Development, Environment, Housing, Infrastructure, Land Use, Policy

Geographic Scope:  National

GIS Integration: Yes

Tool Outputs:  Maps, Comparisons

Skill Level: Medium

Data Level: Census Block Groups

Data Permissions: Data available for direct download

Last Updated: 2018

Station Area TOD Readiness Tool

The TOD readiness tool evaluates the degree to which an existing or potential transit station area is “ready” for TOD.  The tool is an assessment of 20 measures, relating to policy, market, physical, and social measures, that reflect the full spectrum of TOD interests

Link: https://planfortransit.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Station-Area-TOD-Readiness-Tool.xlsx

Author: Florida Department of Transportation-District 4

Category: Land Use, Transportation, Housing, Equity, Policy

Geographic Scope:  Florida

GIS Integration: No

Tool Outputs: Summary Sheet and Graphs

Skill Level: Medium

Data Level: Census Block Group

Data Permissions: N/A

Last Updated: May 2016

Social Explorer

Social Explorer includes the entire US Census (1790 to 2010) and the American Community Survey (2005 to 2015). Specialized U.S. data resources include the FBI Uniform Crime Report (2010 to 2015), American election results (1912 to 2016), Religious Congregations and Membership Study (1980 and 2010), Vulcan Project carbon emissions data (2002), US Business Patterns (2014), and County Health Rankings and Roadmaps Program data (2010 to 2016).

Link: https://www.socialexplorer.com/a9676d974c/explore

Author: Social Explorer

Category: Economy, Equity, Health, Safety, Environment, Education, Housing, Mobility, Transportation, Policy

Geographic Scope:  United States and Puerto Rico

GIS Integration: Yes

Tool Outputs: Maps, Swipe and Side by Side Comparisons, Table Reports

Skill Level: Low

Data Level: State, County, Census Tract, Census Block Group

Data Permissions: The Premium edition is updated regularly, as soon as data releases are made available from the Census Bureau and other relevant data sources.

Last Updated: 2017