South Florida Transit-Oriented Development

As part of a study on transit-oriented development for the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (operating Tri-Rail), CUES prepared two reports  on behalf of the South Florida Regional Planning Council in partnership with the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council. The funded by the Federal Transportation Authority (FTA) and U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) funded the project.


Business Plan for a South Florida Transit-Oriented Development Fund: Potential for Infill Development along the Tri-Rail Coastal Link Corridor. For more information, please contact Dr. John Renne at

Read the SF TOD TRCL Business Plan





South Florida Transit-Oriented Development: Evaluation of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in Potential Tri-Rail Coastal Link Station Areas

For more information, please contact Dr. Fred Bloetscher at

Read the SFTOD TRCL Water and Wastewater Report

Wired quotes Dr. John Renne

An article that was published on September 14, 2018 in Wired, “WHEN IT’S TIME TO EVACUATE, CITIES STRUGGLE TO HELP THOSE WHO CAN’T DRIVE,” features Dr. John L. Renne’s research on evacuating vulnerable populations and provides a link to a recent paper he published. Read more